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Trade Show Success Starts With The Invitation

Participating in a trade show is a great way to introduce your company and your products.  It’s also the place where you come face-to-face with your competition, and therefore, very important that you set yourself apart, starting with your invitation. Below are 5 tips on how a unique, dimensional trade show invitation is the start of your trade show success.

The product above is the Changing Picture.

1. Engage your audience – An invitation that is well-designed, unique, and interactive will increase attendance because you have engaged your audience from the very beginning.

2. Spark a conversation –The right invitation can create buzz prior to the show. People will start talking about you, your company and your booth.  Use the power of word-of-mouth to attract attendees.

3. Create a positive first impression – Often times, the invitation is an introduction and the first impression of your business. Make it count.

4. Drive attendance – Your message on an eye-catching invitation will attract your ideal customers and motivate them to visit your booth.

5. Create lasting brand awareness – Why go to the time and expense of creating a throw-away invitation? When designed for maximum interactivity, your invitation will serve as a marketing piece that gives your company exposure and brand awareness long after the show has ended.

For more information on unique invitations to drive attendance to your booth at your next trade show, visit our website at www.3dpapergraphics.com

Proud Sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Greetings For A Cause

Pink Ribbon Greeting Cards

This year, 3D Paper Greetings teamed up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation in the fight against breast cancer with the launch of a new campaign, Greetings for a Cause.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission is to save lives through early detection and to provide mammograms for those in need.  Their mission includes increasing awareness through education, providing diagnostic breast care services, and nurturing support services.

To kick off the campaign, 3D Paper Greetings has added three new “Pink Ribbon” designs to their unique collection of three-dimensional holiday greeting cards, to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

For every business or consumer who purchases a Pink Ribbon greeting card, 3D Paper Greetings will donate a portion of the proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

3D Paper Greetings is proud to contribute, with the support of its valued customers, to the efforts of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the ongoing effort to find a cure for breast cancer.


For further information about The National Breast Cancer Foundation, please visit their website at www.nationalbreastcancer.org

To order your Pink Ribbon products, visit us at www.3dpapergreetings.com

Unique Event Invitation for Witham Health Services Foundation

Witham Health Event Invitation

The Need:

Each spring, Witham Health Services Foundation hosts its Annual Black-Tie Gala.  This event offers guests an evening to enjoy an elegant dinner, fine live music and dancing as well as silent and live auctions. Since its inception in 1999, the Gala has raised more than $300,000 to support the mission of Witham Health Services.

Last year, Witham Health Services and 3D Paper Graphics worked together for the first time to design a unique 3D globe-shaped invitation that stood out in the mail, captivated the recipients, and increased attendance at the event.  The invitation turned out to be such a success, that Witham wanted to create another 3D invitation this year.  The challenge, however, was to create a design that would be new and different, yet still economically sensible.

The Solution:

As the plans for this year’s Gala began to hatch, Brock Hesler, the director of corporate development at Witham Health Services Foundation, contacted 3D Paper Graphics with the few nuggets of information he had thus far.  He knew that this year’s theme would be, “A Touch of Magic,” the decorating colors would be purple and silver, and that the planning committee wanted to show images of the hospital building in 1917 and the building today on the invitation.  Hesler explained,

“We selected the changing picture design, which was perfect for the before-and-after concept of the hospital images, and the piece fit our budget!  I knew 3D Paper Graphics could take it from there.  With the few details we gave them, 3D Paper Graphics’ amazing design team took it from concept to completion, from designing the cover to placing our copy and images.  We love it.”

Hesler reports that their changing picture invitations have met with rave reviews.   In fact, a few people who have never attended the event before have said that they purchased tickets this year as a result of the invitation grabbing their attention, reminding them of the benefits and efforts of the Foundation.

Company Overview:

The Witham Health Services Foundation was established in 1983 to support continuous improvements for a technologically driven hospital and has since become the cornerstone of support for Witham Health Services. Driven by the belief that the citizens of our community deserve access to the latest in technology and care, the Foundation seeks philanthropic contributions. These contributions provide the necessary funding to purchase additional equipment and present the highest quality healthcare programming. For more information on the Witham Health Services Foundation visit www.witham.org

Casino Marketing News

Casino’s get ROI with Dimensional Direct Mail Campaigns

Facing record decline, many in the casi­no and gambling industry are turning to direct marketing in hopes of winning big. Big Las Vegas hotels, including Harrah’s and MGM Grand, have dropped their room rates and are offering all-inclusive packages to drive traffic in their casinos and get cus­tomers to gamble.

In a February report, market analyst Fitch Ratings said gaming had historic declines in the last four months of 2008 — down 3.5%. The firm predicted no significant recovery until 2010.  It’s not that people aren’t visiting the casinos, it’s that they are not playing as much.

Casinos are keeping a close eye on ROI, and as such they are focusing on direct mar­keting programs because they’re measur­able.  Casino’s are really scrutinizing their programs closely and offering things like midweek room deals, food offers and packages to keep people coming in to play in the casino, especially the top players who drive most of their revenue.

Harrah’s Las Vegas has used many dimensional direct mail campaigns with excellent results.  There is no question that the recipient of a memorable Pop up dimensional design is more likely to take the next step towards interacting with the casino than a traditional e-mail campaign or postcard mailer.  A dimensional marketing campaign piece will be kept and passed around for many months to come.

Custom ShowStopper Examples

Custom Globe Carrier

A great way to showcase a custom ShowStopper Globe is to create a brochure carrier and send it as a direct mail piece or use it as a handout.