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A “Fall Out Of Your Chair” Trade Show Invitation


The Need:
In the competitive environment of trade shows, exhibitors are always looking for creative tools to increase attendance and attract visitors to their booths. S.D. Myers, Inc. is no different. They needed a direct mail invitation that would deliver on three fronts. First, the invitation needed to be so surprising and memorable, that the recipient would be compelled to stop by their booth at the 2010 IEEE PES Conference. Second, they needed to promote the next big show in October, the California Power Tour Conference. Third, S.D. Myers needed a long term branding piece that would keep their name and capabilities visible long term, throughout the year.

The Solution:
S.D. Myers received a promotional sample of 3D Paper Graphics newest product, the Lucky Jumpers. Director of Marketing, Paul Myers, took one look at the design and said, “We’ve got to do this!”

From the Lucky Jumpers design template supplied by 3D Paper Graphics, S.D. Myers created the copy and graphics for their “Passport” trade show contest. The self-mailer invitation featured four rubberband-activated cubes, a contest instruction sheet and a passport. As part of the contest, visitors need to get their passports stamped at each of S.D. Myers’ four stations, where they would learn about the company’s products and services. Four stamps earned the participant a $1,000 discount to the 2010 Power Tour conference in October, and qualified them for entry into the grand prize drawing for six free admissions to the Tour.

S.D. Myers mailed the Lucky Jumper invitations to 7,500 people, split between their own current customers, and the trade show pre-registration list.

Paul Myers, said,

“Those people who received the invitation raved about it. Two particular visitors stood out in my mind. The first gentleman confessed that the Lucky Jumpers scared him. He almost fell out of his chair, so he had to come by the booth to see who sent him this surprising invitation. The second explained that he saved the four rubberband-activated cubes, and has them displayed on the shelf in his office. Both cases exemplified exactly what we wanted to happen with this unique dimensional invitation.”

Company Overview:

Headquartered in Tallmadge, Ohio, with locations and partners throughout the world, S. D. Myers, Inc. provides training and education, diagnostic and analytical services, engineering services and engineered products to extend the reliable life of power transformers. For more information on S.D. Myers visit www.sdmyers.com

Dimensional Direct Mail goes Flat. What?

What is a flat dimensional direct mail piece?  Isn’t that an oxymoron?

First of all, I have seen many articles and blog posts that refer to the successful use and high ROI of dimensional direct mail, but most refer to any mail that has dimension.  This includes everything from a box with a label applied to it, a poster inserted into a tube or a pen inside of an envelope.  While these tactics do fall into the category of dimensional direct mail and have shown some success there is another category of dimensional direct mail that takes it to a whole new level.  I’m sure at some point in your life you have experienced a Pop-Up book.  These Pop-Up books start flat and as you turn each page you are treated with a new and exciting creation that pops up off the page.  I think everyone can appreciate the effect this has on the reader.  This same concept is being successfully implemented into corporate marketing plans all over the world within their direct mail campaigns.

All paper engineering, design and illustration was done by 3D Paper Graphics on this Harrah’s New Years Direct Mailer. The fan was designed to be detachable and used by the recipient.

Without the internal resources available they call on the experts.  They call on 3D Paper Graphics because of their dedicated team of paper engineers, designers and illustrators that can take a concept and create a stunning dimensional direct mail piece that highlights their brand and gets results.  The results are immediate and lasting.  Lasting because a dimensional direct mail piece is saved by the recipient and passed around.  No one wants to throw away unique and inspiring marketing material, which means your message is viewed many times over.  The best part is that each and every dimensional direct mail piece designed by 3D Paper Graphics is created so that it folds flat for mailing.  This means less money spent on postage and more money in your pocket.  Is your company ready to stand out from the competition?  Visit 3D Paper Graphics website to see some examples of how other companies have utilized a dimensional marketing campaign.

Thank You Cards – Make an impression!

A good salesperson strives to be in front of customers as often as possible. But, when we think about it, our clients and prospects give us many opportunities to make an impression. Usually, these opportunities are overlooked because we get busy or think that our prospects and clients won’t notice.

By sending a unique and memorable dimensional thank you card your client or prospect will appreciate the gesture and more than likely show it around the office and display it on their desk.

Here are four suggestions on when to send a “Thank You” to a client or prospect that will keep you one step ahead of your competition.

1. When customers do business with you. Write a short, personalized “thank you” in a unique and memorable dimensional card that says, “Thank you, I appreciate your business.” You can never say thank you enough. We all appreciate when people go out of their way to make us feel important and recognized.

2. When customers give you a referral. This is one of the most important ways to generate new business. It’s so easy and important to take the time and go back to your referrer , and say, “Thank you for referring me to —–. It means a great deal to me to know that you’re willing to recommend me. I appreciate it.”

3. A random thank you. Sometimes it’s a great idea for a salesperson to send out a random thank you to a client they may not deal with on a regular basis to let them know their business is important.  Did one of your clients get some positive publicity recently that you could acknowledge?  Did your client or prospect get a promotion?  There are countless occasions that occur on a regular basis that you should be taking advantage of.  Set aside some time each week to brainstorm on how you can make these special contacts with your clients and prospects.

4. Did you get a “No” recently? You submitted a proposal to an account and then found out you didn’t get their business. This is a great opportunity to use a dimensional thank you card to write a short note thanking them for their time and consideration. This will keep the door open for future business by being friendly and courteous.  This account will remember you and most likely save and display the unique dimensional card.

These were just a few ideas on when to send a thank you card to a client or prospect.  You’re limited only by your imagination and creativity when it comes to making sure you’re the one they call when your product or service is needed.  Make sure you send a dimensional thank you card to create that lasting impression!

USPS Rate Change – May 11, 2009

On May 11, 2009 the USPS will be adjusting prices for mailing services – First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, Periodicals, Package Services and Special Services. A First-Class Mail stamp will be $0.44. Customers can continue to use the Forever Stamps that they purchased prior to May 11th at $0.42, even after the price change. Below is a list of the basic increases.

First-Class Mail 1oz
Straight First-Class
First-Class Automation
Mixed AADC
First-Class Mail Int’l
All Other Countries
Standard Mail 1oz
Standard Automation
Mixed AADC
Std NonProfit Automation
Mixed AADC
Priority Mail 1 lb Zone 1
thru 8

Education – Direct Mail Campaigns

Education - Colleges and Universities

Colleges and Universities use dimensional marketing to get results from their direct mail campaigns.

  • Reach-Out to Potential Capital Campaign Donors
  • Commemorate the University’s Anniversary with a Series of Collectibles
  • Capture the Attention of Prospective Students or Congratulate Enrollees
  • Acknowledge University Alumni and Friends with a Special Thank You
  • Promote your Athletic Departments’ Teams and Game Schedules
  • Publicize Homecoming Weekend or other Special Events

Travel and Tourism – Dimensional Direct Mail that Works

New York ShowStopper Oval

Dimensional marketing in the Travel and Tourism sector

As marketing budgets continue to shrink, market­ers of all kinds are forced to look for cost-effective and useful ways to reach consumers. For those in the travel and tourism sector, dimensional direct mail is considered an excellent marketing tool because of its ability to bring a tactile, visual campaign straight to a recipient.

Strong visuals, enticing descriptions and relevant offers can easily allow direct mail recipients to imagine traveling to the destination. It’s all about giving the recipient a “10 second vacation.”  There’s  a nice pass-along effect with dimensional mail and the desire to leave it on your coffee table and pass it around.

With dimensional mail, marketers have the opportunity to grab a recipients’ attention and to spend more time with them.  They will take the time to read it, go to the website and then save it.

Important things to consider when sending dimensional direct mail:

  • Make sure you’re mailing the piece to the right prospects.  Do your research!
  • Mine your databases and build offers that are targeted to a customers specific needs and desires.
  • Make sure you’re marketing to past clients and develop a way to capture what their preferences are.  This information is vital when trying to build a new campaign to target past clients.
  • Sometimes for travel and tourism your target market may be in the immediate vicinity of the destination.  Based on today’s economic climate your best prospects may be the ones that can jump in the car and travel to somewhere close.
  • People expect a lot more from your offers.  Provide them with bundled offers that go well beyond just a special room rate.  Give them restaurant, golf and spa offers.  They are looking for the complete experience without breaking the bank when they arrive.

Direct mail for travel and tourism is used as a means to open a dialog and establish contact with prospective clients or generate loyalty amongst previous customers. A dimensional mail piece can be the first step in the establishment of a relationship between a business and a customer.  A dimensional direct mail piece will draw a recipient in and make them take the next step because it is memorable and stands out from all other direct mail they receive.

Casino Marketing News

Casino’s get ROI with Dimensional Direct Mail Campaigns

Facing record decline, many in the casi­no and gambling industry are turning to direct marketing in hopes of winning big. Big Las Vegas hotels, including Harrah’s and MGM Grand, have dropped their room rates and are offering all-inclusive packages to drive traffic in their casinos and get cus­tomers to gamble.

In a February report, market analyst Fitch Ratings said gaming had historic declines in the last four months of 2008 — down 3.5%. The firm predicted no significant recovery until 2010.  It’s not that people aren’t visiting the casinos, it’s that they are not playing as much.

Casinos are keeping a close eye on ROI, and as such they are focusing on direct mar­keting programs because they’re measur­able.  Casino’s are really scrutinizing their programs closely and offering things like midweek room deals, food offers and packages to keep people coming in to play in the casino, especially the top players who drive most of their revenue.

Harrah’s Las Vegas has used many dimensional direct mail campaigns with excellent results.  There is no question that the recipient of a memorable Pop up dimensional design is more likely to take the next step towards interacting with the casino than a traditional e-mail campaign or postcard mailer.  A dimensional marketing campaign piece will be kept and passed around for many months to come.