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Creative Marketing Idea Targeting Women in Health Care

Presbyterian Homes Globes

The Need:

According to the US Census, in the year 2005, individuals aged 65 and older comprised 13% of the US Population. As the population continues to age, this number is projected to balloon to 20% by the year 2030. Seniors and their families will be looking for a simple, trusted resource to answer their questions on options, costs and even vocabulary relating to future care. For over 100 years Presbyterian Homes has provided quality residential communities, health care programs and services for older adults. It was only natural that they answer that need with the launch of a new website, www.SeniorCareAnswerTeam.org. The challenge was how they would drive traffic to the site.

The Solution:

In addition to families and seniors themselves, Presbyterian Homes recognized that a key audience was professionals such as social workers, nurses, discharge planners and physician office staffers. To reach the referral community last holiday season, Presbyterian Homes purchased their Business Holiday Greeting Cards from 3D Paper Greetings.

The reaction to these magical dimensional snowflake greeting cards was quite positive; Presbyterian Homes’ outreach professionals were still seeing the snow globes displayed on desks and countertops many months after the holiday season. So when Presbyterian Homes began planning the launch of their new website, they knew that a dimensional design was just the marketing tool they needed to grab the attention of this key group again.

After reviewing 3D Paper Greetings’ array of dimensional design ideas, Presbyterian Homes’ marketing manager, Theresa Paulin, kept coming back to the ShowStopper™ Globes. Because the audience is 90% women, she wanted to create a piece that would surprise and delight the audience. In addition, she hoped to motivate them to check out the website, while providing an item beautiful enough for display as a constant reminder to those referring professionals and their patients.

Theresa Paulin explains,

“3D Paper Graphics worked with us to create the artwork in a truly collaborative way. Inside the Globe they designed a beautiful, bright bouquet of spring daisies.  They incorporated our tag line ‘Discover • Share • Enrich’ into the piece, and of course, introduced the new website address. We were thrilled with the final result.”

The nature of the referral relationship for assisted living apartments and nursing care makes it difficult to quantify campaign results, since the professionals interact with clients in both work and personal settings. Also, those referring to nursing care and rehabilitation services work on a fast timeline: their clients need assistance or nursing care TODAY, making it difficult to source leads. But word of mouth is positive, and our outreach experts again report seeing the Globes on client desks.

Company Overview:

Headquartered in Evanston, Illinois, with locations throughout Chicago and its suburbs, Presbyterian Homes is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian organization with a national reputation for creating extraordinary communities for older adults for more than 100 years. Their communities are built on an unending commitment to quality of life and exceeding expectations – with senior communities alive with people, intellectual awareness, and enduring friendships.  For more information on Presbyterian Homes visit www.PresbyterianHomes.org

Marketing Campaigns: Determining The Offer

As John D. Rockefeller once said, “Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.”

If you look at this quote from a business perspective, this is absolutely true.  You could have the best product or service, but if no one knows you have it, well, you may as well not have it at all.

Knowing the importance of marketing in business also comes with knowing how best to fashion your marketing campaigns.  If determining the offer has you stumped, here’s an article that just might help you plan your next marketing campaign.  Enjoy!
60 Powerful Offers Proven To Make Sales

Creative Pharma Direct Mail Piece

Slide Surprise

3D Paper Graphics is excited to announce the Slide Surprise – the newest addition to our line of three-dimensional marketing products.

The Slide Surprise was created to offer a fully customizable one of a kind solution to engage your target audience and uniquely convey your marketing message.  This product features various objects that pop-up when the tab is pulled.  With ample space for compelling copy and custom graphics, the Slide Surprise is an exciting alternative to a traditional flat advertising piece.

Whether you are announcing a new product line, offering a discount, educating consumers or communicating with current customers – the Slide Surprise is a perfect solution to get your brand noticed and remembered.    Use it as a direct mail piece, an internal communications tool or as a tradeshow give-a-way….. the uses are endless!

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Why Should You Spend Money On Direct Mail Now?

It’s true, in the past two years, we have witnessed the undeniable trend of marketing departments shifting dollars away from traditional print marketing methods to cheaper online efforts.  The good news is that 46% of companies plan to increase their overall marketing budget for 2010, as reported by EConsultancy and ExactTarget. Should you put all of your marketing eggs in one electronic basket?  We don’t think so.  In fact, now more than ever, a direct mail program is key to retaining customers and attracting new ones.  If it isn’t part of your current marketing mix, here’s why it is SMART to add it back in:

When direct mail is leveraged with email and social media into an integrated marketing program, the multiple touches result in greater response and dramatically higher ROI than when done alone.

Mail Volume
According to the US Postal Service, 2009 mail volume was down 12.7% over the prior year.  What better time to get your piece noticed?  The more unique your design, the better.  An oversized or dimensional design with eye-catching graphics will ensure your message is read and remembered.  You can’t say the same for your flooded email inbox!

Direct mail compliments online marketing efforts by appealing to different senses.  The tactile experience of touching, feeling, and seeing the piece in your hands makes a memorable impression.

Research proves that marketing during a recession leads to faster recovery when the economy improves.  McGraw Hill’s Laboratory of Advertising Performance studies have determined that companies that have maintained an advertising presence during a recession emerged with nearly 70% higher growth than those companies that cut ad spending.

There are a number of ways to track the response to your direct mail promotion.  The use of promo codes, landing pages, and PURLS will allow you to determine response rates and, most importantly, ROI.

Creative Direct Mail Idea for Pharmaceutical Sales Incentive Campaign

Dimensional Direct Mail

Dimensional Direct Mail Piece for Pharmaceutical Sales Incentive Campaign

The Need:

Motivation Excellence was looking to develop a direct mail piece for a leading pharmaceutical client that would excite and motivate the sales force for their annual sales incentive program.  They wanted a campaign kick-off piece that would highlight the destination hotel, and be unique enough to be saved and displayed as a constant reminder and motivator throughout the campaign.   They needed something with a “WOW” factor!

The Solution:

Motivation Excellence decided a multi stage dimensional mailer would create the impact they needed for their client.  Once the team at Motivation Excellence had a concept in mind they contacted 3D Paper Graphics to help them execute the paper engineering and production.  They emailed 3D Paper Graphics a photo of the destination resort to engineer a mailer in which the hotel, fountain and palm trees “popped” off the page.  Once the visual was finished a template was created and sent to Motivation Excellence to design the layout and copy to communicate the incentive program.  The final piece was amazing!  A jumbo 8 ½” x 11” mailer was produced with three stages that created depth to a beautiful scene of the resort that really draws the recipient into the piece.  It has the impact and staying power for which their client was looking.


“I was not sure on how complicated it would be to create a 3D mailer,” said Debbie Potempa, Purchasing & Production Manager at Motivation Excellence.  “Working with 3D Paper Graphics made it a breeze. They worked closely with our staff designer to create templates to make our image come alive.  The customer service care we received from 3D Paper Graphics was top of the line. I would not hesitate to call 3D Paper Graphics for their opinion and expertise on another project.”

Company Overview:

Motivation Excellence Inc of Schaumburg, IL is a fully integrated, full-service performance improvement agency.  It creates maximum value for its clients through thoroughly researched, ROI-developed, measurably operated performance improvement solutions. Delivery of this value requires experience and expert resources in every area of performance improvement.  To learn more about their programs, visit www.motivationexcellence.com.

3D Paper Graphics, an innovative leader in the Dimensional Marketing Industry, delivers unique marketing solutions for corporations in the form of dimensional and pop-up direct mail, custom packaging, point-of-purchase, sales aids, event invitations and business greeting cards.

Brand Building – Yes, it is important.

This slideshow from The Economist shows the importance of continuing to build your brand even in down times.  People are inherently very visual.  They want to look, feel and touch which is why Dimensional Direct Mail and Marketing is so effective.  See slides 39-43 to see a great example of how important it is to establish your brand through visuals.

3D Paper Graphics is a valuable resource for the IDEAS PEOPLE like yourself.  See Slides 50-57 to see how important the IDEAS PEOPLE are within an organization.