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Creative Direct Mail Idea for Pharmaceutical Sales Incentive Campaign

Dimensional Direct Mail

Dimensional Direct Mail Piece for Pharmaceutical Sales Incentive Campaign

The Need:

Motivation Excellence was looking to develop a direct mail piece for a leading pharmaceutical client that would excite and motivate the sales force for their annual sales incentive program.  They wanted a campaign kick-off piece that would highlight the destination hotel, and be unique enough to be saved and displayed as a constant reminder and motivator throughout the campaign.   They needed something with a “WOW” factor!

The Solution:

Motivation Excellence decided a multi stage dimensional mailer would create the impact they needed for their client.  Once the team at Motivation Excellence had a concept in mind they contacted 3D Paper Graphics to help them execute the paper engineering and production.  They emailed 3D Paper Graphics a photo of the destination resort to engineer a mailer in which the hotel, fountain and palm trees “popped” off the page.  Once the visual was finished a template was created and sent to Motivation Excellence to design the layout and copy to communicate the incentive program.  The final piece was amazing!  A jumbo 8 ½” x 11” mailer was produced with three stages that created depth to a beautiful scene of the resort that really draws the recipient into the piece.  It has the impact and staying power for which their client was looking.


“I was not sure on how complicated it would be to create a 3D mailer,” said Debbie Potempa, Purchasing & Production Manager at Motivation Excellence.  “Working with 3D Paper Graphics made it a breeze. They worked closely with our staff designer to create templates to make our image come alive.  The customer service care we received from 3D Paper Graphics was top of the line. I would not hesitate to call 3D Paper Graphics for their opinion and expertise on another project.”

Company Overview:

Motivation Excellence Inc of Schaumburg, IL is a fully integrated, full-service performance improvement agency.  It creates maximum value for its clients through thoroughly researched, ROI-developed, measurably operated performance improvement solutions. Delivery of this value requires experience and expert resources in every area of performance improvement.  To learn more about their programs, visit www.motivationexcellence.com.

3D Paper Graphics, an innovative leader in the Dimensional Marketing Industry, delivers unique marketing solutions for corporations in the form of dimensional and pop-up direct mail, custom packaging, point-of-purchase, sales aids, event invitations and business greeting cards.

Adding Dimension Changes Everything – Creative Direct Mail

Adding Dimension Changes the Game

Adding Dimension Changes the Game

What happens to a simple Chess game when you add dimension? It completely changes the way you view and play the game.  I bet this image will stick in your mind because it’s taken something simple and familiar and made it different and memorable.  The same thing happens when you add dimension to your direct mail campaigns.  When you add a dimensional component to your marketing campaign your customer will view your brand or product in a different and memorable way.

The above video shows an example of how to take a regular direct mail piece and add a dimensional component.  The removable customizable globe that pops out when the piece is opened is a unique and memorable way to highlight your brand or product.  It will be kept and displayed long after the card is discarded giving your company increased exposure and ROI.  Visit 3D Paper Graphics to get more marketing campaign ideas.

Custom ShowStopper Examples

Custom Globe Carrier

A great way to showcase a custom ShowStopper Globe is to create a brochure carrier and send it as a direct mail piece or use it as a handout.