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Special Event Invitation, Las Vegas Style

Casino StageShow

This creative direct mail invitation, featuring moving playing cards, is just one in a series of Pop Up event invitations used by a popular Las Vegas casino to drive attendance at slot tournaments, poker and holiday events.

With a StageShow from 3D Paper Graphics, your event theme or product imagery will leap from the page in a way that is certain to make the recipient smile.  That emotional connection you make is one that can’t be achieved with a traditional flat mail piece.  The result is greater response – increased attendance, higher sales, and better brand visibility.

Creative Direct Mail Idea for Pharmaceutical Sales Incentive Campaign

Dimensional Direct Mail

Dimensional Direct Mail Piece for Pharmaceutical Sales Incentive Campaign

The Need:

Motivation Excellence was looking to develop a direct mail piece for a leading pharmaceutical client that would excite and motivate the sales force for their annual sales incentive program.  They wanted a campaign kick-off piece that would highlight the destination hotel, and be unique enough to be saved and displayed as a constant reminder and motivator throughout the campaign.   They needed something with a “WOW” factor!

The Solution:

Motivation Excellence decided a multi stage dimensional mailer would create the impact they needed for their client.  Once the team at Motivation Excellence had a concept in mind they contacted 3D Paper Graphics to help them execute the paper engineering and production.  They emailed 3D Paper Graphics a photo of the destination resort to engineer a mailer in which the hotel, fountain and palm trees “popped” off the page.  Once the visual was finished a template was created and sent to Motivation Excellence to design the layout and copy to communicate the incentive program.  The final piece was amazing!  A jumbo 8 ½” x 11” mailer was produced with three stages that created depth to a beautiful scene of the resort that really draws the recipient into the piece.  It has the impact and staying power for which their client was looking.


“I was not sure on how complicated it would be to create a 3D mailer,” said Debbie Potempa, Purchasing & Production Manager at Motivation Excellence.  “Working with 3D Paper Graphics made it a breeze. They worked closely with our staff designer to create templates to make our image come alive.  The customer service care we received from 3D Paper Graphics was top of the line. I would not hesitate to call 3D Paper Graphics for their opinion and expertise on another project.”

Company Overview:

Motivation Excellence Inc of Schaumburg, IL is a fully integrated, full-service performance improvement agency.  It creates maximum value for its clients through thoroughly researched, ROI-developed, measurably operated performance improvement solutions. Delivery of this value requires experience and expert resources in every area of performance improvement.  To learn more about their programs, visit www.motivationexcellence.com.

3D Paper Graphics, an innovative leader in the Dimensional Marketing Industry, delivers unique marketing solutions for corporations in the form of dimensional and pop-up direct mail, custom packaging, point-of-purchase, sales aids, event invitations and business greeting cards.

Annual Gala Invitation is a big hit for Witham Health Services Foundation

See the Witham Globe in action!

The Need:
On May 16th, Witham Health Services Foundation hosted its 11th Annual Gala.  This event offered guests an evening to enjoy an elegant dinner, fine live music and dancing as well as silent and live auctions. Since its inception in 1999, the Gala has raised more than $260,000 to support the mission of Witham Health Services.  This year, the event committee was looking for a new idea for their invitation.  They wanted something unique and creative, yet economically sensible.

The Solution:
Last year, Witham Health Services, received an unusual holiday greeting card from Key Bank, which folded flat into an envelope, then opened up into a miniature paper and plastic snow globe desk top display.  In February, after flat greetings had been filed or forgotten, this 3D design remained as both a decoration and a reminder of Key Bank. Brock Hesler, director of corporate development, called 3D Paper Graphics to find out if their patented ShowStopperTM globe greeting design could be customized and used outside of the holiday season for an Annual Gala invitation.    Hesler explained, “We had an event theme and a few images of the hospital, but didn’t really know how to execute our design ideas into the globe.  3D Paper Graphics made it so easy for us.  We just emailed a few pictures, along with the invitation copy, and their design team took it from there.  After a few emails to exchange creative ideas, we had an invitation that was guaranteed to capture the attention of the community.”

Brock Hesler reports that their globe-style invitations were well-received.   The event committee enjoyed receiving an enthusiastic response to the event and positive feedback on the design.  “The unique 3D quality of this invitation makes it memorable.  It is one that people will put out on their desks, reminding them of the benefits and efforts of our Foundation well past the event itself,” says Hesler.

Company Overview:
The Witham Health Services Foundation was established in 1983 to support continuous improvements for a technologically driven hospital and has since become the cornerstone of support for Witham Health Services. Driven by the belief that the citizens of our community deserve access to the latest in technology and care, the Foundation seeks philanthropic contributions. These contributions provide the necessary funding to purchase additional equipment and present the highest quality healthcare programming. For more information on the Witham Health Services Foundation visit www.witham.org.

Dimensional Direct Mail goes Flat. What?

What is a flat dimensional direct mail piece?  Isn’t that an oxymoron?

First of all, I have seen many articles and blog posts that refer to the successful use and high ROI of dimensional direct mail, but most refer to any mail that has dimension.  This includes everything from a box with a label applied to it, a poster inserted into a tube or a pen inside of an envelope.  While these tactics do fall into the category of dimensional direct mail and have shown some success there is another category of dimensional direct mail that takes it to a whole new level.  I’m sure at some point in your life you have experienced a Pop-Up book.  These Pop-Up books start flat and as you turn each page you are treated with a new and exciting creation that pops up off the page.  I think everyone can appreciate the effect this has on the reader.  This same concept is being successfully implemented into corporate marketing plans all over the world within their direct mail campaigns.

All paper engineering, design and illustration was done by 3D Paper Graphics on this Harrah’s New Years Direct Mailer. The fan was designed to be detachable and used by the recipient.

Without the internal resources available they call on the experts.  They call on 3D Paper Graphics because of their dedicated team of paper engineers, designers and illustrators that can take a concept and create a stunning dimensional direct mail piece that highlights their brand and gets results.  The results are immediate and lasting.  Lasting because a dimensional direct mail piece is saved by the recipient and passed around.  No one wants to throw away unique and inspiring marketing material, which means your message is viewed many times over.  The best part is that each and every dimensional direct mail piece designed by 3D Paper Graphics is created so that it folds flat for mailing.  This means less money spent on postage and more money in your pocket.  Is your company ready to stand out from the competition?  Visit 3D Paper Graphics website to see some examples of how other companies have utilized a dimensional marketing campaign.