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Special Event Invitation, Las Vegas Style

Casino StageShow

This creative direct mail invitation, featuring moving playing cards, is just one in a series of Pop Up event invitations used by a popular Las Vegas casino to drive attendance at slot tournaments, poker and holiday events.

With a StageShow from 3D Paper Graphics, your event theme or product imagery will leap from the page in a way that is certain to make the recipient smile.  That emotional connection you make is one that can’t be achieved with a traditional flat mail piece.  The result is greater response – increased attendance, higher sales, and better brand visibility.

Creative Direct Mail – StandOut

The StandOut from 3D Paper Graphics is a creative way to highlight your brand and get a message out that will be remembered and displayed.  Print a calendar on the back side to promote events, holidays, team schedules or conference dates.

  • Direct Mailing – It folds flat and slides into an envelope
  • Hand Out at trade shows
  • Grand Opening for a store or restaurant
  • Use it to highlight a menu item
  • Product Launch
  • Drive website traffic

Most importantly use your imagination!  All of 3D Paper Graphics products are a memorable way to highlight your brand or product.

Brand Building – Yes, it is important.

This slideshow from The Economist shows the importance of continuing to build your brand even in down times.  People are inherently very visual.  They want to look, feel and touch which is why Dimensional Direct Mail and Marketing is so effective.  See slides 39-43 to see a great example of how important it is to establish your brand through visuals.

3D Paper Graphics is a valuable resource for the IDEAS PEOPLE like yourself.  See Slides 50-57 to see how important the IDEAS PEOPLE are within an organization.