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Don’t think you’re cut out for 3D?

Unsure about 3D? Check out our newest features and services designed to make ordering easier.

Dimensional greeting cards are amazing products. Designing them for you is an amazing service that we include with every order. It’s what allows us the opportunity to create with ad agencies and big brands, small businesses and everyone in between.

So let’s begin with the basics, the Standard Globe. With new designs every year, it’s our most popular product. Personalization is included to make ordering your cards easy and enjoyable, and we’ve updated our website to preview your choices in a brand new way.


Now, about the intimidating options… Selecting “Custom Greeting” is not just for those with a full time art staff. Our design team is eager to help with everything from using a particular font for your brand, to setting up a logo on the hang tag or insert card.

We also offer downloadable templates for all of our standard product options including ovals, tags and cards. They are compatible with all versions of the Creative Suite, and you don’t have to be a dimensional expert to follow them. We’ll even give each one a review to ensure everything will look and function properly.


Right now, we’re also offering an extra incentive on standard products. Use the promo code 3DWEB10 at through Oct. 1st, 2014 to save you 10% on any order.

Stay tuned for part 2. We’ll feature our lines of custom products and demonstrate how easy it is to get into the globe.

How to Choose the Right Holiday Card?


There are plenty of daunting tasks in life. Selecting your company’s holiday cards does not need to be one of them. We know making this decision can be nerve-wracking, especially if your clients look forward to collecting your cards each year. To help you get started we’ve put together a few quick tips.

1. Start with the right product – All good holiday cards are display worthy. You want your clients to leave them up for their associates, vendors and customers to see. You should also consider how your audience will interact with your cards. Will they be displayed in offices on desks, in workshops or other environments? Will they be within reach for interaction or up high on a shelf? Understanding this will help ensure you pick a product type that is right for the environment, and will maximize the recognition of your brand’s holiday salutations.

2. Select the right art and design – Who knows what is trending this year? Do you even want to be trendy or will something else set you apart? We all know what a wall full of holiday cards looks like and it’s easy for the formality of sending and receiving greetings to overshadow the messages. You can select something “safe” or “generic,” but if a religious theme or a funny Santa on vacation is more your company’s style, go for it. You want the card to be about who you are as a company.

3. Personalize your cards – When it comes time to personalize your cards or design custom ones, there are a lot of options. Some of the best cards incorporate an important element of the company’s year. Did you move to a new building or launch a new product? Did you get a new logo or rebrand? Do you have a great staff who just loves posing for pictures? If not, then you may want a classical scene or elegant design to accompany your logo.

4. Keep logistics in mind – We’re not just talking shipping and in-time delivery here. It’s common to incorporate signatures from leaders or teams along with holiday wishes. However, signing and packing several hundred greetings can be a problem. Consider incorporating the signatures into your design for a personalized card that’s easy to produce. That way you can still use fulfillment and mailing services which can be a real time saver.

Remember, there isn’t a wrong way to go about card selection. As long as your end product represents who you are, your customers will recognize you when they receive your cards.

Case Study #1 – Port Of Long Beach


The Port of Long Beach (POLB), in California, founded in 1911, is the second largest seaport in the United States and an economic driver far beyond its local and regional impact. Over $155 billion dollars of trade goods pass through the Port and make their way into stores, homes and businesses throughout the country. But it’s probably not the first name that comes to mind when you think of a thrilling holiday greeting card.

You’d be wrong. For the past five years, the POLB has been a 3D Paper Greetings customer, using our paper-engineered, pop up designs to craft a unique holiday communication for employees, vendors, contractors and friends of the Port.

Choosing a different product each year, the Port’s design team has created a series of commemorative greeting cards, each highlighting some aspect of the Port, while retaining the Port’s brand identity.

“We love the possibilities we get with 3D Paper Graphics,” says Jen Choi, Manager of Creative Arts & Design, “they always have some new concept for us to play with, and the feedback we’ve received from the people who get the cards has been unbelievable. It’s become a real collectible.”

POLB maintains the cohesive theme of a 3-dimensional piece but mixes it up with art and copy, so the pieces play as a series, but never become boring. From a Custom Globe in 2009, a Roundabout in 2010, to a Spin Card in 2011, a Changing Picture in 2012 and a Custom Bottle for 2013 – we can’t wait to see what The Port of Long Beach comes up with for 2014!

Check out our newly updated Testimonials page for additional clients who will be featured in our case study series. To see your company featured, just drop us a line.

“Christmas in July”


No, we’re not jumping the gun, but rather offering a suggestion on how to really enjoy the Christmas season: order your holiday cards now.

While some countries in the Southern hemisphere actually do celebrate “Christmas in July,” there are sound, practical reasons why it makes sense to order your organization’s holiday greeting cards early.

Typically, somewhere after Labor Day, someone in the company, (usually the CEO’s Executive Assistant), asks the boss what they are going to do this year about sending out cards.

The process usually requires months of cajoling, reminding, nagging and hounding the various departments and managers to make a selection, get their lists together, and finalize the decision.

Once the choice has been made, the stress, unfortunately doesn’t end, as factors beyond your control, such as UPS and FedEx weather-related delays, can undermine the most careful scheduling and leave you with the possibility that your cards will arrive after Christmas.

Stop the madness!

Order your 3-dimensional holiday cards now and you’ll be assured of:
• Cheerful customer service
• Excellent pricing
• Largest selection
• A smooth and timely process
• And best of all, a huge chunk of aggravation GONE, removed from your plate.

Check out our new designs at 3D Paper Greetings and enjoy the best holiday season ever!