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Illuminated Paper Sculptures

As paper enthusiasts, we are always looking around the web for exciting new ways to use our favorite medium. We recently came across this beautiful example while perusing one of our favorite art & design blogs: This is Colossal. These gorgeous silhouette sculptures (created by two artists called Hari & Deepti) are layered light boxes that consist of intricately hand cut paper and are back-lit with LED lights to create a dramatic effect that brings the whole composition to life.

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Be sure to watch the video here to get a fascinating time lapse view into the painstaking (though ultimately rewarding) process:

If you are as inspired by this great work as we are, be sure to contact us for your next 3D paper project and let’s see what we can come up with together!

Smithsonian X 3D


At any given time, the Smithsonian Institution can only display about 1% of their complete collection to the public. Many of their artifacts are often fragile and irreplaceable, meaning they can only be experienced from limited perspectives in controlled environments.

So how do you display these items to people around the world? How do you share locations like archeological dig sites, or educate on cosmic events occurring in space?

Here in the digital age the solution is 3D modeling. That’s why the Smithsonian has introduced Smithsonian X 3D, a beta version of the 3D software that allows everyone to experience some of the greatest exhibits of science and history. There’s already a sampling of items that can be previewed by clicking Browse Models on their site.

Whether it’s unique museum artifacts or intricate 3D paper products, 3D models help further exploration and understanding. A single model can be shared with an infinite audience without the expense of physical samples or in person handling. Motion can be incorporated to demonstrate functionality. Colors can be changed to provide alternate appearances. The options are limitless.

To learn more about Smithsonian X 3D, check out this video. To see what we’ve been up to with 3D modeling, check out our BrandStand Business Card demo.

“Where Playing with Paper is Serious Business”


“Where Playing with Paper is Serious Business.”

Yes, it’s our tagline, and we take it seriously. That’s why we’ve spent decades drawing, plotting, folding and engineering paper to turn it into practical messaging tools for business. Our inspiration comes from origami, the centuries-old Japanese traditional craft combining art and science.

Check out the 2009 documentary film, “Between the Folds” from PBS – this is paper folding like you’ve never seen or imagined it before. The film shows a handful of individuals around the world who truly play with paper and in doing so create wondrous art.

If you like our 3-dimensional pop-up cards, you’ll love this film. To view the complete documentary, visit

A Call to “Action”

We’ve taken the marketing term literally, and produced a brand new stop motion movie inspired by the magic behind our unique Pop-Up products.

Featuring the BrandStand and BrandStand Business Card, this film shares some of what it takes to design and produce these memorable marketing pieces: An idea that comes to life with a mix of talent, creativity and of course, magic.

There’s no need for 3D glasses here – we provide the real deal! So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy your look inside our wonderful world of paper.