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Dimensional A/B Testing

It’s not uncommon to check the temperature of water before you dive in, so it’s no surprise many of our clients turn to A/B testing when using dimensional cards for the first time.


A/B testing is a great way to evaluate the improved response rate you’ll get from using a 3D mailer. We’ve put together a short Q&A to help get you started:

What’s the best way to test dimensional marketing products?

With any experiment, you want to isolate and test one variable at time. That variable is the dimensional card. You also need a control to compare the results to, which will be your traditional mailer.

Evenly divide your recipient list and keep your copy, graphics and marketing message the same for both mailers. The only variation (other than dimension of course) should be a different promotional code or landing page URL for tracking purposes.

What quantities should I compare?

While there’s no maximum, testing on a pool that’s too small allows outliers and abnormalities to have a greater influence on the results. If you only sent out a handful of each card type, and several of your list addresses were bad, the results could be inaccurately skewed toward one side or the other.

We recommend a minimum of 1000 pieces for each mailer when testing. It’s very common for our clients to maintain their normal mailing quantities and divide the list, sending half traditional and half pop-up mailers for their first test.

How do I select a product?

Bigger and pricier will not necessarily increase results. It’s more important to choose a dimensional card that best highlights your product or service. This is done by evaluating the type of pop-up, display or interaction you are looking for. There’s an ideal product for every need and budget.

For example, a company that manufactures tires may want a custom mailer that is round or rotates to drive focus to the product. A provider of medical or technical services may want a FlipBook with the page space needed to present all of their information in a more engaging way. A trade-show invitation StandOut will be displayed, generating additional interest and possible attendees beyond the initial recipient.

What results can I expect to see?

Immediately, the go-to answer is higher response rates for the active promotion. How much higher? Traditionally, dimensional mailers can perform 4-5% better than their flat counterparts. That’s an additional 40-50 responses for every 1000 cards sent.

But in the long run, brand exposure is what turns a company into a household name. Don’t be surprised if on a future visit to a vendor, your 3D mailer is still hanging around on display. We commonly receive feedback of leads and sales coming from dimensional cards years after they were sent, and in fact, it’s something that frequently happens to us! This is a long term benefit that flat mailers simply do not provide.

At 3D, we pride ourselves in helping companies of all sizes market more effectively. To get started on your own 3D mail campaign, contact us today:

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Unique Dimensional Products Make Memorable Event Giveaways

Trevecca Standout

The Need:

Trevecca Nazarene University was looking for a unique giveaway for their alumni luncheon.
The University wanted to thank their Alumni for their continued support with something they would keep and display.

The Solution:

The marketing team at Trevecca decided that 3D Paper Graphics’ StandOut would not only make interesting table displays but would be a nice event giveaway. 3D Paper Graphics provided a template and the University’s art department designed their custom StandOut, prominently displaying Waggoner Library, the University sign and logo.

Trevor Lubiens, Marketing Coordinator commented,

“The standouts were a hit!  We placed them behind the plates at our Alumni luncheon with the thought that people would take them home. To our dismay, people started leaving them on the tables – thinking that they were too nice to be a gift and for display only. Needless to say, after the announcement of “gift”, all the StandOuts™ were off the tables!   I really appreciate the cooperation and the dependability from you guys. Thanks again!”

Company Profile:

Trevecca Nazarene University located in Nashville Tennessee is a Christian-centered university offering bachelor’s and master’s level programs.

Dimensional Design Meets Congo River

The Need:

On Memorial Day weekend, Schlitterbahn® Waterpark New Braunfels unveils its latest blockbuster sensation, the Congo River Expedition, a multi-sensory jungle adventure. Deep in the heart of the rainforest guests discover an ancient river teeming with wild animals, restless natives, thundering waterfalls and a mysterious underground diamond mine. The creative marketing team at Schlitterbahn® Waterparks needed to find an attention-grabbing design that could be used as both a direct mail piece or a hand-out to announce the newest addition to the world’s best waterpark.

The Solution:

Schlitterbahn called upon 3D Paper Graphics for inspiration on unique direct mail design ideas that would be sure to generate excitement among members of the media and key corporate partners. In a family of “firsts,” it was only natural that Schlitterbahn® be the first to apply their colorful “Congo River” creative to the newest of 3D Paper Graphics’ patented dimensional designs, the StandOutTM. Darren Hill, Schlitterbahn® Waterpark Resort’s general manager beamed, “Not only do we feel that this is the most exciting new attraction to open this year in Texas, but we are also proud to premier our new family adventure as part of our 30th anniversary celebration.”


Schlitterbahn® art director, Lisa Holder, explained, “This is the second project we’ve done with 3D Paper Graphics. They make the whole process easy. They emailed us a template for their StandOutTM dimensional design. Then, we were able to create our own graphics and copy. From concept to delivery, 3D Paper Graphics was able to meet our tight timeframes.”

Company Overview:

Family-owned and operated, Schlitterbahn® Waterparks has been a leader in family water entertainment since 1979. Along the way, the company has celebrated many firsts – the world’s first surfing ride, the world’s first uphill water coaster, the world’s first tidal wave river, plus inner tubing on a scale never seen before or since. Today, Schlitterbahn® operates three water parks in Texas and one in Kansas.

USPS Rate Change – May 11, 2009

On May 11, 2009 the USPS will be adjusting prices for mailing services – First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, Periodicals, Package Services and Special Services. A First-Class Mail stamp will be $0.44. Customers can continue to use the Forever Stamps that they purchased prior to May 11th at $0.42, even after the price change. Below is a list of the basic increases.

First-Class Mail 1oz
Straight First-Class
First-Class Automation
Mixed AADC
First-Class Mail Int’l
All Other Countries
Standard Mail 1oz
Standard Automation
Mixed AADC
Std NonProfit Automation
Mixed AADC
Priority Mail 1 lb Zone 1
thru 8

Education – Direct Mail Campaigns

Education - Colleges and Universities

Colleges and Universities use dimensional marketing to get results from their direct mail campaigns.

  • Reach-Out to Potential Capital Campaign Donors
  • Commemorate the University’s Anniversary with a Series of Collectibles
  • Capture the Attention of Prospective Students or Congratulate Enrollees
  • Acknowledge University Alumni and Friends with a Special Thank You
  • Promote your Athletic Departments’ Teams and Game Schedules
  • Publicize Homecoming Weekend or other Special Events