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Case Study #1 – Port Of Long Beach


The Port of Long Beach (POLB), in California, founded in 1911, is the second largest seaport in the United States and an economic driver far beyond its local and regional impact. Over $155 billion dollars of trade goods pass through the Port and make their way into stores, homes and businesses throughout the country. But it’s probably not the first name that comes to mind when you think of a thrilling holiday greeting card.

You’d be wrong. For the past five years, the POLB has been a 3D Paper Greetings customer, using our paper-engineered, pop up designs to craft a unique holiday communication for employees, vendors, contractors and friends of the Port.

Choosing a different product each year, the Port’s design team has created a series of commemorative greeting cards, each highlighting some aspect of the Port, while retaining the Port’s brand identity.

“We love the possibilities we get with 3D Paper Graphics,” says Jen Choi, Manager of Creative Arts & Design, “they always have some new concept for us to play with, and the feedback we’ve received from the people who get the cards has been unbelievable. It’s become a real collectible.”

POLB maintains the cohesive theme of a 3-dimensional piece but mixes it up with art and copy, so the pieces play as a series, but never become boring. From a Custom Globe in 2009, a Roundabout in 2010, to a Spin Card in 2011, a Changing Picture in 2012 and a Custom Bottle for 2013 – we can’t wait to see what The Port of Long Beach comes up with for 2014!

Check out our newly updated Testimonials page for additional clients who will be featured in our case study series. To see your company featured, just drop us a line.

Creative Dimensional Mailers Produce Maximum Results

Captivate your audience and maximize the results of your direct mail campaign with a creative, dimensional direct mail piece like this.

Great for:

  • Branding
  • Lead Generation
  • Invitations
  • New Product Launches

Clients and prospects will interact with a dimensional direct mail piece for months or even years after they receive it!  This Ship in a Bottle direct mailer folds completely flat for mailing and mails at standard postage rates.

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Creative Marketing Idea Targeting Women in Health Care

Presbyterian Homes Globes

The Need:

According to the US Census, in the year 2005, individuals aged 65 and older comprised 13% of the US Population. As the population continues to age, this number is projected to balloon to 20% by the year 2030. Seniors and their families will be looking for a simple, trusted resource to answer their questions on options, costs and even vocabulary relating to future care. For over 100 years Presbyterian Homes has provided quality residential communities, health care programs and services for older adults. It was only natural that they answer that need with the launch of a new website, The challenge was how they would drive traffic to the site.

The Solution:

In addition to families and seniors themselves, Presbyterian Homes recognized that a key audience was professionals such as social workers, nurses, discharge planners and physician office staffers. To reach the referral community last holiday season, Presbyterian Homes purchased their Business Holiday Greeting Cards from 3D Paper Greetings.

The reaction to these magical dimensional snowflake greeting cards was quite positive; Presbyterian Homes’ outreach professionals were still seeing the snow globes displayed on desks and countertops many months after the holiday season. So when Presbyterian Homes began planning the launch of their new website, they knew that a dimensional design was just the marketing tool they needed to grab the attention of this key group again.

After reviewing 3D Paper Greetings’ array of dimensional design ideas, Presbyterian Homes’ marketing manager, Theresa Paulin, kept coming back to the ShowStopper™ Globes. Because the audience is 90% women, she wanted to create a piece that would surprise and delight the audience. In addition, she hoped to motivate them to check out the website, while providing an item beautiful enough for display as a constant reminder to those referring professionals and their patients.

Theresa Paulin explains,

“3D Paper Graphics worked with us to create the artwork in a truly collaborative way. Inside the Globe they designed a beautiful, bright bouquet of spring daisies.  They incorporated our tag line ‘Discover • Share • Enrich’ into the piece, and of course, introduced the new website address. We were thrilled with the final result.”

The nature of the referral relationship for assisted living apartments and nursing care makes it difficult to quantify campaign results, since the professionals interact with clients in both work and personal settings. Also, those referring to nursing care and rehabilitation services work on a fast timeline: their clients need assistance or nursing care TODAY, making it difficult to source leads. But word of mouth is positive, and our outreach experts again report seeing the Globes on client desks.

Company Overview:

Headquartered in Evanston, Illinois, with locations throughout Chicago and its suburbs, Presbyterian Homes is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian organization with a national reputation for creating extraordinary communities for older adults for more than 100 years. Their communities are built on an unending commitment to quality of life and exceeding expectations – with senior communities alive with people, intellectual awareness, and enduring friendships.  For more information on Presbyterian Homes visit

USPS Rate Change – May 11, 2009

On May 11, 2009 the USPS will be adjusting prices for mailing services – First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, Periodicals, Package Services and Special Services. A First-Class Mail stamp will be $0.44. Customers can continue to use the Forever Stamps that they purchased prior to May 11th at $0.42, even after the price change. Below is a list of the basic increases.

First-Class Mail 1oz
Straight First-Class
First-Class Automation
Mixed AADC
First-Class Mail Int’l
All Other Countries
Standard Mail 1oz
Standard Automation
Mixed AADC
Std NonProfit Automation
Mixed AADC
Priority Mail 1 lb Zone 1
thru 8

Travel and Tourism – Dimensional Direct Mail that Works

New York ShowStopper Oval

Dimensional marketing in the Travel and Tourism sector

As marketing budgets continue to shrink, market­ers of all kinds are forced to look for cost-effective and useful ways to reach consumers. For those in the travel and tourism sector, dimensional direct mail is considered an excellent marketing tool because of its ability to bring a tactile, visual campaign straight to a recipient.

Strong visuals, enticing descriptions and relevant offers can easily allow direct mail recipients to imagine traveling to the destination. It’s all about giving the recipient a “10 second vacation.”  There’s  a nice pass-along effect with dimensional mail and the desire to leave it on your coffee table and pass it around.

With dimensional mail, marketers have the opportunity to grab a recipients’ attention and to spend more time with them.  They will take the time to read it, go to the website and then save it.

Important things to consider when sending dimensional direct mail:

  • Make sure you’re mailing the piece to the right prospects.  Do your research!
  • Mine your databases and build offers that are targeted to a customers specific needs and desires.
  • Make sure you’re marketing to past clients and develop a way to capture what their preferences are.  This information is vital when trying to build a new campaign to target past clients.
  • Sometimes for travel and tourism your target market may be in the immediate vicinity of the destination.  Based on today’s economic climate your best prospects may be the ones that can jump in the car and travel to somewhere close.
  • People expect a lot more from your offers.  Provide them with bundled offers that go well beyond just a special room rate.  Give them restaurant, golf and spa offers.  They are looking for the complete experience without breaking the bank when they arrive.

Direct mail for travel and tourism is used as a means to open a dialog and establish contact with prospective clients or generate loyalty amongst previous customers. A dimensional mail piece can be the first step in the establishment of a relationship between a business and a customer.  A dimensional direct mail piece will draw a recipient in and make them take the next step because it is memorable and stands out from all other direct mail they receive.

Custom ShowStopper Examples

Custom Globe Carrier

A great way to showcase a custom ShowStopper Globe is to create a brochure carrier and send it as a direct mail piece or use it as a handout.

Custom Holiday Greeting Cards

Custom Holiday Examples

Many clients prefer to have us design and produce a custom holiday globe greeting card design for their company.  This option is very cost effective for quantities as low as 500 pieces.