Fundraising With Holiday Flair

It seems every year at 3DPG, we are reminded of how creative and thoughtful our clients can be. Most choose to use our products for what they are: unique and fun Holiday Greetings. But some of the more inventive clients go the extra mile and use them as a part of a bigger and better project.

KFUO, a Lutheran radio station out of St. Louis, MO, is definitely one of those clients. They recently used one of our Custom Globes and Hang Tags to generate interest and results for a fundraiser they ran. Here’s what they had to say about it:

KFUO Christmas Tree 4

“Our big fundraising push was ‘Give a Gift in Honor/Memory of a Loved One’. If a person donated, we wrote their first name along with their city and state on the Hang Tag and then placed it on our KFUO Christmas Tree, which sat in the Studio during the Christmas season…

KFUO Christmas Tree 1

We had a great response both in donations from our supporters and in compliments about the beautiful and unique globe that was sent out.”

KFUO Christmas Tree 3

Feeling inspired by this great idea? Give us a shout and let’s see what we can come up with!

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