A Promotion You Can Bank On

Here at 3D Paper Graphics, we are constantly working to help companies reach their goals in marketing, advertising and many other business-related endeavors. Sometimes a project will come along that changes the way you look at your work and what effect it has on the world around you.

Recently, we produced a Bank for Seventh-Day Adventist Church. About 8,000 of them were distributed at a convention to be brought around the world as a way of collecting donations. Representative Nancy Kyte had this to say about the Banks:


“There were Adventist church members from more than 150
countries at the convention, and I feel sure that the offering banks have
been carried home to well over 100 countries.  We are more than pleased!  In
some remote little churches, these banks will be considered very precious.”


The fact that our product will be used as a vehicle to improve the lives of countless children throughout the world is something we are very proud of. We hope to continue to work with such great organizations and create things that can help them reach their goals.

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