Throwback Thursday – How You Used to Order

We recently unearthed a stack of our “vintage” order forms, so we’re taking a look back at how business used to be done, and how it all got started…

2007 – 3D Paper Graphics was a young company, and the 3D Paper Greetings brand name hadn’t been introduced yet. The ShowStopper™ Globe was available to purchase by mail, phone or fax! Some of our customers may even remember these old order sheets. Check out those logos:


Now which card design was right for you? There were a whopping seven Standard Globe choices that year, and only two Logo Globes to choose from. That pretty much wrapped up the line of holiday cards:


Time to get personal. There were more front oval options available than there were products. Entering a custom greeting or an envelope return address took some work. Nothing brings out the joys of the holidays more than feeling like you’re taking a standardized test:


That was it – and believe it or not it worked. Today we’re proud of how far 3D Paper Graphics and 3D Paper Greetings have come in both our designs and our order entry methods. We thank those of you who have been with us along the way.

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