USPS OIG – Innovative Mail Options

The USPS Office of Inspector General released a white paper on innovative mail options.
We think you’ll find some of those options quite, dimensional.


Have you heard of the phrase “email overload?” Just think about the last time you went to your inbox and re-opened something more than one day old… It’s cheap, it’s common, but email marketing has zero staying power. Once your message’s five minutes of fame are up, that’s it.

That’s why marketing professionals still turn to direct mail. All things tactile are regaining an advantage in a world full of delete buttons. The question is, how do your mailings avoid the physical equivalent (the recycling bin)?

According to the USPS OIG, “these innovations can help bolster the strength of a message… by using unique materials and designs to capture and hold attention.”

That’s the goal, “capture and hold attention.” First off thanks to the USPS for giving a nod to the best way to do that, innovative mailers. Now let’s talk about how they do it.

Both email and direct mail encounter the same basic problems, quantity and similarity. What stands out gets opened! So any dimensional mail that captures attention is already off to a better start. The real wins happen when you secure all the attention and don’t break the bank doing it.

Enter the existing pop-up for your large volume campaign, the custom engineered box for the high end donors or big players, and everything in between. All are designed to mail flat, many using standard postage rates. Your recipient just opens, enjoys and shares – no apps or technology needed.

An effective dimensional mailer is a campaign in itself, and it needs all the same considerations. After all you don’t want to design it, stick in in an envelope and have it get tossed away with the credit card offers and insurance quotes. By turning to a 3D expert, you ensure your investment generates and keeps the attention you deserve.

Check out all the details from the USPS OIG white paper:

Read more on our dimensional advantages in the PDF guide:

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