Don’t think you’re cut out for 3D?

Unsure about 3D? Check out our newest features and services designed to make ordering easier.

Dimensional greeting cards are amazing products. Designing them for you is an amazing service that we include with every order. It’s what allows us the opportunity to create with ad agencies and big brands, small businesses and everyone in between.

So let’s begin with the basics, the Standard Globe. With new designs every year, it’s our most popular product. Personalization is included to make ordering your cards easy and enjoyable, and we’ve updated our website to preview your choices in a brand new way.


Now, about the intimidating options… Selecting “Custom Greeting” is not just for those with a full time art staff. Our design team is eager to help with everything from using a particular font for your brand, to setting up a logo on the hang tag or insert card.

We also offer downloadable templates for all of our standard product options including ovals, tags and cards. They are compatible with all versions of the Creative Suite, and you don’t have to be a dimensional expert to follow them. We’ll even give each one a review to ensure everything will look and function properly.


Right now, we’re also offering an extra incentive on standard products. Use the promo code 3DWEB10 at through Oct. 1st, 2014 to save you 10% on any order.

Stay tuned for part 2. We’ll feature our lines of custom products and demonstrate how easy it is to get into the globe.

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