How to Choose the Right Holiday Card?


There are plenty of daunting tasks in life. Selecting your company’s holiday cards does not need to be one of them. We know making this decision can be nerve-wracking, especially if your clients look forward to collecting your cards each year. To help you get started we’ve put together a few quick tips.

1. Start with the right product – All good holiday cards are display worthy. You want your clients to leave them up for their associates, vendors and customers to see. You should also consider how your audience will interact with your cards. Will they be displayed in offices on desks, in workshops or other environments? Will they be within reach for interaction or up high on a shelf? Understanding this will help ensure you pick a product type that is right for the environment, and will maximize the recognition of your brand’s holiday salutations.

2. Select the right art and design – Who knows what is trending this year? Do you even want to be trendy or will something else set you apart? We all know what a wall full of holiday cards looks like and it’s easy for the formality of sending and receiving greetings to overshadow the messages. You can select something “safe” or “generic,” but if a religious theme or a funny Santa on vacation is more your company’s style, go for it. You want the card to be about who you are as a company.

3. Personalize your cards – When it comes time to personalize your cards or design custom ones, there are a lot of options. Some of the best cards incorporate an important element of the company’s year. Did you move to a new building or launch a new product? Did you get a new logo or rebrand? Do you have a great staff who just loves posing for pictures? If not, then you may want a classical scene or elegant design to accompany your logo.

4. Keep logistics in mind – We’re not just talking shipping and in-time delivery here. It’s common to incorporate signatures from leaders or teams along with holiday wishes. However, signing and packing several hundred greetings can be a problem. Consider incorporating the signatures into your design for a personalized card that’s easy to produce. That way you can still use fulfillment and mailing services which can be a real time saver.

Remember, there isn’t a wrong way to go about card selection. As long as your end product represents who you are, your customers will recognize you when they receive your cards.

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