“Christmas in July”


No, we’re not jumping the gun, but rather offering a suggestion on how to really enjoy the Christmas season: order your holiday cards now.

While some countries in the Southern hemisphere actually do celebrate “Christmas in July,” there are sound, practical reasons why it makes sense to order your organization’s holiday greeting cards early.

Typically, somewhere after Labor Day, someone in the company, (usually the CEO’s Executive Assistant), asks the boss what they are going to do this year about sending out cards.

The process usually requires months of cajoling, reminding, nagging and hounding the various departments and managers to make a selection, get their lists together, and finalize the decision.

Once the choice has been made, the stress, unfortunately doesn’t end, as factors beyond your control, such as UPS and FedEx weather-related delays, can undermine the most careful scheduling and leave you with the possibility that your cards will arrive after Christmas.

Stop the madness!

Order your 3-dimensional holiday cards now and you’ll be assured of:
• Cheerful customer service
• Excellent pricing
• Largest selection
• A smooth and timely process
• And best of all, a huge chunk of aggravation GONE, removed from your plate.

Check out our new designs at 3D Paper Greetings and enjoy the best holiday season ever!

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