“Nobody Uses Direct Mail Anymore”

man with head in mailbox


Who doesn’t like the new and shiny—in that we’re not much smarter than moths around a light bulb; but is that a viable strategy? (Look at what happens to the moth…).

Some companies, because their products or services are intangible, or “virtual,” believe they don’t need direct mail. They couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, eMarketing may be cheaper—but it’s also fleeting, nothing to keep on your desk, nothing to engage and RETAIN the attention of your customer. And if that potential customer is a fast-moving millennial, forget it−one click and you’re gone.

Should you put all of your marketing eggs in one electronic basket?  We don’t think so.  Actually, we don’t think you should put all your marketing eggs in any ONE basket. You need lots of touches and lots of ways to deliver your message—your marketing mix should include a combo of social media, electronic and direct mail to ensure the highest ROI.

What direct mail should you use? Dimensional. We’re talking clever, witty, well-designed, engaging paper-engineered pieces that delight the recipient and truly define “Sticky” as they stay around… sometimes for years.

Can you say that about what’s in your inbox?

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