Interactive Educational Materials used for two NASA Mission Events

NASA SlideShow

The Need:

The challenge at Sonoma State University NASA Education & Public Outreach is to find ways to make learning fun.  SSU E/PO has looked to 3D Paper Graphics to design and produce dimensional educational keepsakes for two NASA mission events.

The Solution:

SSU E/PO contacted 3D Paper Graphics to produce a three-dimensional keepsake to commemorate the launch of the Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) satellite launch at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in June 2008.  Art and copy were created by the SSU E/PO to 3D Paper Graphics’ patented design template.  The unique GLAST “3D Ovals” were included in the gift bags distributed to each of the attendees.  The few samples remaining after the event quickly disappeared as people wanted extras to give to friends who could not come to the launch.

A year later, SSU E/PO contracted with 3D Paper Graphics again to produce another dimensional hand-out, this time for a kick-off conference for new mission, NuSTAR.  3D Paper Graphics’ SlideShow™ telescoping folder was perfect for this satellite, because the design simulates what will happen after the actual launch.  In 2012, the NuSTAR satellite will be launched in a compact form, with a deployable mast that will extend the telescope once in space.  On the reverse side of the SlideShow™ , educational information about the NuSTAR mission, and its scientific targets were featured. This piece was very well received.

Company Overview:

Sonoma State University Education & Public Outreach has a large and dedicated relationship with NASA, involving several major projects. SSU NASA E/PO develops formal educational materials for the classroom and trains both pre-service and in-service teachers. They also work on informal education, to ensure that all people; students, parents, teachers and the public have access to the knowledge and excitement generated by NASA science.  For more information on SSU NASA E/PO visit

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