A “Fall Out Of Your Chair” Trade Show Invitation


The Need:
In the competitive environment of trade shows, exhibitors are always looking for creative tools to increase attendance and attract visitors to their booths. S.D. Myers, Inc. is no different. They needed a direct mail invitation that would deliver on three fronts. First, the invitation needed to be so surprising and memorable, that the recipient would be compelled to stop by their booth at the 2010 IEEE PES Conference. Second, they needed to promote the next big show in October, the California Power Tour Conference. Third, S.D. Myers needed a long term branding piece that would keep their name and capabilities visible long term, throughout the year.

The Solution:
S.D. Myers received a promotional sample of 3D Paper Graphics newest product, the Lucky Jumpers. Director of Marketing, Paul Myers, took one look at the design and said, “We’ve got to do this!”

From the Lucky Jumpers design template supplied by 3D Paper Graphics, S.D. Myers created the copy and graphics for their “Passport” trade show contest. The self-mailer invitation featured four rubberband-activated cubes, a contest instruction sheet and a passport. As part of the contest, visitors need to get their passports stamped at each of S.D. Myers’ four stations, where they would learn about the company’s products and services. Four stamps earned the participant a $1,000 discount to the 2010 Power Tour conference in October, and qualified them for entry into the grand prize drawing for six free admissions to the Tour.

S.D. Myers mailed the Lucky Jumper invitations to 7,500 people, split between their own current customers, and the trade show pre-registration list.

Paul Myers, said,

“Those people who received the invitation raved about it. Two particular visitors stood out in my mind. The first gentleman confessed that the Lucky Jumpers scared him. He almost fell out of his chair, so he had to come by the booth to see who sent him this surprising invitation. The second explained that he saved the four rubberband-activated cubes, and has them displayed on the shelf in his office. Both cases exemplified exactly what we wanted to happen with this unique dimensional invitation.”

Company Overview:

Headquartered in Tallmadge, Ohio, with locations and partners throughout the world, S. D. Myers, Inc. provides training and education, diagnostic and analytical services, engineering services and engineered products to extend the reliable life of power transformers. For more information on S.D. Myers visit www.sdmyers.com

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