Cox Communications Customer Retention Program

Cox Campaign

Case Study Written and Provided By:
Karl Backus, Blue Horse and Trumpet Advertising

The Need:
Blue Horse & Trumpet Advertising was looking for a piece that would serve as the final punctuation in the three-part direct mail customer retention program they were developing for their client, Cox Business- San Diego. The client directive was to create something that “the customer would hold on to for more than 15 seconds.” It had to be something that most of the customers had never seen and would be something that the customer would keep as a reminder of their positive experience with Cox Business. It had to be fun, interactive and remarkable, and it had to fit into the overall campaign theme, “The Future is Here.”

The Solution:

Cox Globe

Blue Horse & Trumpet decided that a crystal ball would provide the customer with the opportunity to engage in a vision of “The Future” with Cox Business-San Diego. The challenge was how to create and ship 16,000 crystal balls within the budget provided. BH&T contacted several manufacturers of glass and plastic snow globes – but the costs were totally unrealistic. Finally, BH&T contacted 3D Paper Graphics to see if their unique snow globes could provide the quality and experience they were looking for within their budget. Still in the concept phase, BH&T simply described the idea to 3D Paper Graphics who in turn explained that it was completely possible to accomplish within their budget; they even provided options that could help make the project even better. 3D Paper Graphics provided a template for BH&T to design within. Once the design was finished and custom paper stock was selected, production started. Cox Business had an immediate need for 1000 pieces, so a short run was expedited and delivered within three weeks of art sign-off. The final 15,000 were delivered a month ahead of schedule, thanks to some smart resource allocation. The result was an enchanting 3” crystal ball that pops open to reveal a retro-dreamy future. While created for the San Diego region, the piece has garnered lots of attention at Cox Communication headquarters in Atlanta. There is already buzz about expanding it nationally.

“We work with two kinds of vendors. The ones who say, ‘Yeah–but…’ and the ones who ‘Yes!–and…’  The former are the ones that kill the creative process with problems. The latter are the ones who take our ideas and make them better. 3D Paper Graphics is definitely in the latter group.

We had never done anything like our little Crystal Ball, so we were working with just an idea and a lot of hope. We were taken by the hand and led us through the process, pointing out pitfalls and opportunities along the way. It was one of the easiest, best vendor experiences we’ve had.

We were also a little nervous since we are on the West Coast and 3D Paper Graphics is on the East Coast but that was never a problem. We were kept updated on the project progress, overnighted samples, provided us with proofs – frankly, faster than most of our local vendors. In fact, we received our samples of the Crystal Ball/Globes before we received the samples of the other campaign components, which were printed 4 miles from our office.  I honestly wish we could use 3D Paper Graphics for everything.”

Company Profiles:
Blue Horse & Trumpet is a boutique creative marketing firm in San Diego, California. Providing advertising, branding and public relations solutions, BH&T serves a wide array of clients, including Yahoo!, the LA Kings,, Datron World Communications, UCLA Anderson School of Business, Cox Communications and many others. BH&T works in all mediums – print, broadcast, online, social media, exhibit design – to provide their clients with remarkable marketing solutions that achieve the results they are looking for.

Cox Communications is the third-largest cable entertainment and broadband services provider in the country. Cox Communications Inc. is best known for pioneering the bundle of television, Internet and telephone services together, offering consumers the ability to consolidate their services with one provider. For Cox, it’s not about being the biggest; it’s about being the best. Excellence in customer care is another hallmark of Cox Communications. With over 6 million customers and over 22,000 employees, Cox is known as one of the best in the business.

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