Why Should You Spend Money On Direct Mail Now?

It’s true, in the past two years, we have witnessed the undeniable trend of marketing departments shifting dollars away from traditional print marketing methods to cheaper online efforts.  The good news is that 46% of companies plan to increase their overall marketing budget for 2010, as reported by EConsultancy and ExactTarget. Should you put all of your marketing eggs in one electronic basket?  We don’t think so.  In fact, now more than ever, a direct mail program is key to retaining customers and attracting new ones.  If it isn’t part of your current marketing mix, here’s why it is SMART to add it back in:

When direct mail is leveraged with email and social media into an integrated marketing program, the multiple touches result in greater response and dramatically higher ROI than when done alone.

Mail Volume
According to the US Postal Service, 2009 mail volume was down 12.7% over the prior year.  What better time to get your piece noticed?  The more unique your design, the better.  An oversized or dimensional design with eye-catching graphics will ensure your message is read and remembered.  You can’t say the same for your flooded email inbox!

Direct mail compliments online marketing efforts by appealing to different senses.  The tactile experience of touching, feeling, and seeing the piece in your hands makes a memorable impression.

Research proves that marketing during a recession leads to faster recovery when the economy improves.  McGraw Hill’s Laboratory of Advertising Performance studies have determined that companies that have maintained an advertising presence during a recession emerged with nearly 70% higher growth than those companies that cut ad spending.

There are a number of ways to track the response to your direct mail promotion.  The use of promo codes, landing pages, and PURLS will allow you to determine response rates and, most importantly, ROI.

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