The 5 P’s for a Successful Dimensional Design

When embarking on a dimensional marketing campaign, many of our clients choose to create their own artwork and place it to our template.  What makes for a good design?  The following will help you in designing your next 3D promotion.


When using photographs, look for images with elements that easily can be pulled apart to be incorporated into the layers of a dimensional design.  A classic example is clouds and blue sky for the background, a building for the middle layer, and shrubs on the front layer.


Think of the size of each of your 3D elements in terms of perspective.  This will provide additional depth and dimension to your piece.  For example, a college may design a 3D piece that features students on the first layer, a prominent building on the second layer, and hills in the background.  Each of the images should be positioned and sized to give a sense of perspective in relation to the other layers within the piece.

Consider the placement and the shapes of your elements so that what is in front doesn’t block what’s in the back.  For example, if you want to create a dimensional design with your logo as the central element, consider making the front layer smaller and place it slightly off-center, to give a clear view to the main component, the logo.  Consider that front layer to be an accent piece that draws attention to the central element.

Our most popular design, the ShowStopperTM Globe, features layers of plastic to give the feel of a traditional snow globe.  To make your design work best through with the reflective qualities of the plastic, we recommend that you use bright, contrasting colors on the three layers within the Globe.  The contrast adds dimension and pulls the recipient into your artwork and your message.

Just like artwork, fonts have personalities.  If you are including text in your design, choose your fonts with regard to the overall design.  If done well, your choice of fonts can take a piece to the next level.  For example, a financial firm may design with different fonts than a day care center would.

As you begin your next campaign, please consider us your creative resource.  We would be happy to share our time-tested tips and tricks with you.

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