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Dimensional marketing in the Travel and Tourism sector

As marketing budgets continue to shrink, market­ers of all kinds are forced to look for cost-effective and useful ways to reach consumers. For those in the travel and tourism sector, dimensional direct mail is considered an excellent marketing tool because of its ability to bring a tactile, visual campaign straight to a recipient.

Strong visuals, enticing descriptions and relevant offers can easily allow direct mail recipients to imagine traveling to the destination. It’s all about giving the recipient a “10 second vacation.”  There’s  a nice pass-along effect with dimensional mail and the desire to leave it on your coffee table and pass it around.

With dimensional mail, marketers have the opportunity to grab a recipients’ attention and to spend more time with them.  They will take the time to read it, go to the website and then save it.

Important things to consider when sending dimensional direct mail:

  • Make sure you’re mailing the piece to the right prospects.  Do your research!
  • Mine your databases and build offers that are targeted to a customers specific needs and desires.
  • Make sure you’re marketing to past clients and develop a way to capture what their preferences are.  This information is vital when trying to build a new campaign to target past clients.
  • Sometimes for travel and tourism your target market may be in the immediate vicinity of the destination.  Based on today’s economic climate your best prospects may be the ones that can jump in the car and travel to somewhere close.
  • People expect a lot more from your offers.  Provide them with bundled offers that go well beyond just a special room rate.  Give them restaurant, golf and spa offers.  They are looking for the complete experience without breaking the bank when they arrive.

Direct mail for travel and tourism is used as a means to open a dialog and establish contact with prospective clients or generate loyalty amongst previous customers. A dimensional mail piece can be the first step in the establishment of a relationship between a business and a customer.  A dimensional direct mail piece will draw a recipient in and make them take the next step because it is memorable and stands out from all other direct mail they receive.

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