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Casino’s get ROI with Dimensional Direct Mail Campaigns

Facing record decline, many in the casi­no and gambling industry are turning to direct marketing in hopes of winning big. Big Las Vegas hotels, including Harrah’s and MGM Grand, have dropped their room rates and are offering all-inclusive packages to drive traffic in their casinos and get cus­tomers to gamble.

In a February report, market analyst Fitch Ratings said gaming had historic declines in the last four months of 2008 — down 3.5%. The firm predicted no significant recovery until 2010.  It’s not that people aren’t visiting the casinos, it’s that they are not playing as much.

Casinos are keeping a close eye on ROI, and as such they are focusing on direct mar­keting programs because they’re measur­able.  Casino’s are really scrutinizing their programs closely and offering things like midweek room deals, food offers and packages to keep people coming in to play in the casino, especially the top players who drive most of their revenue.

Harrah’s Las Vegas has used many dimensional direct mail campaigns with excellent results.  There is no question that the recipient of a memorable Pop up dimensional design is more likely to take the next step towards interacting with the casino than a traditional e-mail campaign or postcard mailer.  A dimensional marketing campaign piece will be kept and passed around for many months to come.

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